Contingency & Flat Rate Fees

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Entertainment Law

law to represent entertainer

You take care of the “show” and we take care of the “business”

The internet is exploding with ENTERTAINMENT.   My prediction is that in the future, all businesses will have to be CREATIVE and ENTERTAINING if they want their brands to survive.  Twitter and celebrity endorsement agreements are all the rage.  This is BOOM TOWN for celebrities, social media rockstars, podcasters, bloggers, authors, musicians and more who can build a loyal “fans and followers” base.  This is SHOW BUSINESS.  You handle the show, we’ll handle the business and intellectual property side of your business. Whether it is a contract review, corporate compliance or arbitration and litigation, there is no substitute for passionate legal counsel.  While there is nothing wrong with paying less and getting a legalzoom non-lawyer representative to assist you, when it comes to your business you have to be serious.  You cannot have a non-legal representative saying “sorry we can’t give legal advice” every time you have a legal question (note: in this complex regulated society just about every question is a legal question).  So LAWYER UP with a law firm that’s willing to quote you a low flat rate fee (if you don’t see something on our list below, contact us) and to be a partner in your business success.  Welcome to the future of law.  Where lawyers provide cost-effective value to your business.

Flat rate legal fees

  • Formation of entertainment company (film, video, books, video gaming, etc.) – $395 plus filing fees (LLC or Corporation)
  • Entertainment Non-profit corporation – $595 plus filing fees
  • Copyright registration – $99 plus filing fees
  • Trademark registration – $225 plus filing fees
  • DBA filings – $125
  • Obtain EIN Number – $95
  • Domain name disputes for entertainment companies and celebrity personalities (UDRP) – $895
  • Online defamation of sports, entertainment, fashion models and online celebrities (yelp defamation or other internet defamation) – $125 per letter
  • Entertainment company startups / trademark search for potential state or federal conflicts with written email summary – $125
  • New startup (phone or skype) consultations with owners – $125/hour
  • Sports & entertainment contracts review & reality TV reviews – $99 for up to 10 pages.  $10 per page thereafter.
  • Intellectual property licensing agreements – (call for quote)
  • Entertainment law idea submission agreements (don’t let Hollywood steal your ideas) $195
  • Twitter celebrity endorsement agreements – $395
  • Facebook celebrity endorsement agreements – $395

Contingency Fees*

  • Breach of written contract (ex. royalty agreements)
  • Copyright infringement lawsuits
  • Federal trademark infringement lawsuits
  • Kickstarter and crowdfunding litigation
  • Social media disputes
  • Right of publicity & celebrity rights
  • Podcaster disputes
  • Blogger disputes


Email us here to consider your case.  Please be specific about what your case involves.  Do not send confidential information. *We may take ALL OR PART of your case on a contingency fee basis.  No all cases apply and each case is different and depends on the circumstances.  We may decline your case based on our availability and for any other reason. No attorney-client relationship is created until and unless a retainer agreement is signed.  This is an advertisement and communication.  No results or guarantees are given.  Choosing a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based on advertising alone.  AZ Lic#025911. CA Lic#232337.